Lucia serves as a consultant and speaker for anti-violence initiatives and events, and would be glad to work with you or your organization.

Consulting Work

(2016) Consultant, “Campus Sexual Violence: Guidelines for a Comprehensive Response.” Ending Violence Association of BC/Western Canadian Sexual Assault Initiative

(2014-2016) Advisory Committee Member, “Improving Western Canada’s Response to Sexual Violence,” Ending Violence Association of BC & Status of Women Canada

(2014-2016) Member, UBC Sexual Assault Awareness Month Planning Committee

(2015) Vettor, Tip-Sheet for Media Interviewing Survivors of Sexual Violence, femifesto


(2017) Moderator, screening of “A Better Man.” Reel Causes. November 23, 2017. Vancouver, B.C.

(2017) Panelist, Feminism and Star Trek. The Official Star Trek Convention. July 29, 2017. Las Vegas, NV.

(2016) Keynote Speaker, Battered Women’s Support Society Annual General Meeting. October 18, 2016.

(2016) Panelist, “The Impact of Speaking Out: Graduate Students and the Role of Faculty.” Changing the Conversation on Sexual Violence at Post-Secondary Institutions. Oct 2, 2016. Vancouver, B.C.

(2016) Panelist, Sexual Assault on Trial: Ghomeshi, Survivors, Media, and the Law. University of British Columbia. June 15, 2016. Vancouver, B.C.

(2016) Co-Organizer and Panelist, “Developing Holistic Approaches: Exploring Sexual Violence at the Intersections of Mental Health and Wellbeing.” Canadian Mental Health Association Healthy Minds Healthy Campuses Annual Summit. Simon Fraser University. March 11, 2016. Vancouver, B.C.

(2015) Panelist, “Speaking Up is Hard to Do: Fostering Healthy Communities.” Thrive Week UBC. November 2, 2015. Vancouver, B.C.

(2015) Panelist, screening of “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.” DOXA: Vancouver Documentary Film Festival. May 5, 2015. Vancouver, B.C.

(2015) Panelist, Inter-University Conversation on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. University of British Columbia. April 21, 2015. Vancouver, B.C.

(2013) Speaker, TEDx Terry Talks, The University of British Columbia, November 6th.

(2012) Co-Organizer, Film Night & Community “Unconference,” SlutWalk Vancouver. May 15th & May 26th.


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